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First Exhibition: The Galeria' Colection. תערוכה 1. אוסף הגלריה

             up: Shir Shvadron, Watercolors on paper.                              down: Nivi Alroy, ink on paper.

            Nimbrod Nashri. Pencil on acrylic on paper.

                     Maria Berger, Photo. 1\3

              Know Hope, Print on Paper for Newspaper.

                       up: Klimt's Postcard.
      down: Paco, 'The old man that died here'. pencil on wall.

on left: Paco,'a cow and a pig.' Pencil on wall.

                                               Paco, little mixed media.



      Up: Andres & Dor, From the 'Navadim' exhibition. Mixed media on paper.
                                                               Down: Yael Meiry. Photo.

                                                             Yael Meiry, Photo.

Shir Svadron, Chinese print.33\50

Andres & Dor, with the collaboration of Erez Israeli, From the 'Navadim' exhibition.


)[All the pictures of the exhibition by Yael Meiry.](